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Who we Are

The Company Salmones Humboldt was born as a continuation of a project Igesur S. A

This project included purchase request and aquaculture concessions, infrastructure and smolt for opening the first center on growing sites in 2006. That same year joined the company the company Pesquera Coloso S. A. in order to promote this project on a larger scale production, giving birth to SALMONES HUMBOLDT.

Since Salmones Humboldt has taken shape as a company that is vertically integrated, with production of fresh water, on growing, processing plant and the commercialization of their products.

In November of 2011, our company becomes part of Mitsubishi Co, through its subsidiary in Chile, Southern Cross Seafood, with this merger we can now offer the market the three species of salmon: Trout, Coho and Atlantic Salmon projecting a significant increase in our annual projections and budget.

Our company is committed today to be part of a sustainable business of providing quality food and provide healthy and nutritious foods to the world's most demanding markets. To this end our efforts today is to look after all parts of the supply chain to our customer.

Our mission
By applying technological innovation to the aquaculture of salmon and trout, and marketing of Chilean seafood to all countries who appreciate quality, we will contribute to the development of the Chilean salmon industry to create employment opportunities in southern Chile and get returns of our exports. At the same time, in so doing,contribute to the maintenance of human health and help reduce the world food problem.

We are proud that our Company is a Chilean company, but at the same time, we are an international company, with which we have excellent cooperation with foreigners and foreign companies. First, through our delicious salmon and trout, and any form of international cooperation.

The culture of the salmon industry is young compared to the commercial culture of domestic animals, with thousands of years of history. So the innovation of technology is a key factor in the company.

  Juan Soler Manfredini 41, Edificio Torre Costanera, Piso 15, oficina 1501 / Fono: +56 65 265500 fax: +56 65 265530
  Casilla 57-D – Puerto Montt – Chile
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